Marlboro Trust


Terms & Conditions

All catalogue prices are correct at the date of printing and are inclusive of VAT. Our intention is that we will do everything possible to keep them for the life of the catalogue. However, in the event of circumstances beyond our control (e.g. changes in VAT, inflationary cost increases or currency fluctuations), they may have to be altered up or down. We will inform you of any change to price before you place your order.


We Marlboro Retail agree to supply you with goods under the following terms:

Terms of Payment

Repayment: The cost of purchases may be spread over twenty equal payments. The amount of each payment will be 5 cent per euro of your account balance at date of last purchase.

First Payment: will occur one repayment interval after the date of purchase.

Credit Limit: The firm will not increase the customer’s credit limit, unless the consumer requests the firm to do so, and the firm agrees.

Termination of Agreement: On paying your account in full, you may terminate this agreement at no cost, by giving notice either verbally or in writing to the creditor.

Right of Statement: You have the right to receive a statement, free of charge, at any time throughout the duration of the agreement.


Cooling Off Period: You have a 14 day cooling off period from the date of receipt of a copy of the agreement to withdraw from the agreement without penalty if you tell us in writing to the company address.




Further Terms of Agreement

Entering into an agreement means:

You must:

  • If you change your address, tell us within 14 days
  • If you change your name tell us within 14 days


As a result:

  • all notices and statements given to you in person or left at, or sent to your current address or last known address shall be considered validly given. If sent by prepaid first class post they shall be considered received by you on the day on which in ordinary course of post such a notice would have reached you.
  • if two or more people are named as the customer, the liability of each shall be joint and several. This means that each person can be fully responsible for all responsibilities set out in the agreement.
  • Signature to the agreement acknowledges:
    • That you received a true copy of the agreement
    • That you received goods


You agree:

  • to pay the creditor the instalments as agreed
  • That a creditor making a credit reference and fraud prevention Agency search may be recorded by the Agency concerned and shared with other creditors, and
  • the creditor may disclose to such agencies how you conduct your account
  • if you default or are suspected of fraud that other lenders may use this information about you and others with whom you are financially linked for credit assessment, debt tracing, fraud and money laundering prevention.


Your Data may be used:

  • for other purposes for which you give specific permission in very limited circumstances, when required by law or where permitted by the Data Protection Act
  • to manage your account
  • make collections
  • for statistical purposes, surveys and research
  • if we transfer, change or assign the agreement to a third party or if we use a third party to manage any aspect of the agreement we will pass your information to them, and
  • remains on file for 6 years after they are closed, whether settled or defaulted.


Complaints and Redress Procedures

Phase 1

When faced with a justified complaint from a consumer, a member of the Consumer Credit Association must make every effort to resolve the matter speedily, equitably and sympathetically. In the case of a complaint referring to the goods supplied by a member of the Consumer Credit Association the assistance of the manufacturer or wholesaler may be sought.


Phase 2

  1. Unresolved complaints should be referred in writing to the Director of the Consumer Credit Association, who will arrange advice and a conciliation service to be provided.
  2. If the complaint refers to goods which require inspection, the matter will be referred to an independent examiner who will endeavour to achieve a settlement based on the facts at his disposal. A nominal fee will be charged to the consumer, to the member and where applicable to the manufacturer, such fee to be determined by the Association. If the consumer’s complaint is upheld his portion of the fee will be refunded immediately. A report from the independent examiner will be sent to all parties concerned.
  3. Consumers, members or manufacturers who want a test report must be give the name and address of an independent technical expert.


Phase 3

If the consumer’s complaint remains unsatisfied, he can seek the assistance of The Financial Ombudsman. This agency will attempt to resolve the complaint by advising or assisting the parties concerned.

Financial Services Ombudsman; 3rd floor, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2, Lo Call 1890 88 20 90.


Problems with Repayments and Complaints.
If at any time you have problems keeping up with your repayments or are worried you might have a problem keeping up with your repayments then

  1. Contact your sales representative to discuss the situation in confidence


  1. Additionally the Money Advice & Budgeting Service (MABS) is a confidential and independent service offering credit counselling services. Call 021 4628 960