Marlboro Trust


Covid - 19 Update


Dear Valued Customer,

As you are aware, The Government has announced a move, for the whole country, to Level 5 restrictions from midnight Wednesday 21st of October for a period of 6 weeks (with an interim 4-week review). Marlboro, as part of the essential business community, will engage fully with the new protocols.  Marlboro will endeavour to play its part in the suppression of the virus and do everything it can to keep customers, staff, and the public it interacts with safe at this difficult and stressful time.

During the Level 5 restricted period Marlboro will continue to pack and deliver products from the warehouse. We will make deliveries and take orders through our sales representative, and through our call centre. Phone lines are currently extremely busy so please be patient. Marlboro representatives will be assisting in the delivering of any orders to customers and are available by phone to assist in any way they can. Social distancing and hygiene guidelines, in line with Government recommendations must be adhered to.  (Please do not get offended if your sales representative does not get too close. It is for your safety and theirs.)  There will be times in the future when we can all interact and conduct business normally, just like before. Unfortunately, we cannot do so for the moment.

Payments may be processed in various remote ways. Through our new secure payment system called Swoofee , or, if you prefer, through the use of a Bank giro or Post office.

The warehouse in Cork continues to process orders in an advanced hygiene awareness environment. We continue to receive new ranges of autumn goods, and process customer orders daily, while delivering through our RCM courier service. Marlboro would like to thank our customers for their patience as we manage our way together through this crisis. Marlboro also thanks our customers who have kept their accounts up to date with their regular weekly payments.

You may contact our customer care centre on 021 49628968, or your Rep directly by mobile.

Marlboro wants to continue to serve you, your families, and loved ones, while at the same time play its part in preventing any spread of the virus.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and to achieve this, we need to stay apart. We all look forward to normal times returning when this Pandemic eventually passes. 

For the moment we will do our best to look after you.  

Yours Sincerely

Raymond Murray