Marlboro Trust


Covid - 19 Update



Customer Update


Dear Customer,

As you are aware 2021 has continued in lockdown and this has affected the way most businesses operate. The fact that Marlboro operates a full-scale, safe delivery service enables us to satisfy any product needs you may have whilst in lockdown. The message we want you all to hear is that we are very much in business now and always.


We are asking our customers, where possible, to move to a remote payment method either through Swoofee or Bank Giro, or the increasing current popular method through the Post Office. All are completely safe and can be organised through your representative.



We will be delivering products to your area and for those who are not in a position to take advantage of the remote payment options we can arrange for your Rep or delivery drivers to drop in a sanitised envelope to enable you make cash payments remotely and keep your account up to date. Please bear in mind that for the safety of all concerned, should you choose the sanitised envelope option, there should be no social contact. We can arrange for its collection at your request and the payment can be processed to your account by your Rep.



I would like to thank you for your loyalty to Marlboro Trust both past and present. We look forward to, and remain committed to, servicing your requirements into the future.


Kind regards


Raymond Murray